European Capital of Volunteering Gdańsk 2022

Today Gdańsk is parting ways with the honorable title of the European Capital of Volunteering, which our city held for 12 months. It is time for summaries and thanks. Gdańsk will hand over the title to the Norwegian Trondheim at the gala in ECS. It will also be announced which of the cities - Italian Trentino or Ukrainian Lviv - will be the European Capital of Volunteering for 2024. Some of the guests of Gdańsk are Rita Irene Ottervik (Mayor of the Municipality of Trondheim), Franco Ianeselli (Mayor of the Municipality of Trento) and Andriy Moskalenko (Deputy Mayor Lviv). Another guest is Dennis Buchner - president of the Berlin House of Representatives. Berlin was the European Capital of Volunteering in 2021.
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