Link do opisu wydarzenia: Stand-up Comedy in English - Open Mic

Stand-up Comedy in English - Open Mic

Data: 22 lutego 2024 r.
Godzina: 20:00
Miejsce: Food Hall Montownia ul. Lisia Grobla 7, Gdańsk
Wstęp: Bilety 20 - 25 zł
Organizator: Stacja Food Hall

Szczegóły wydarzenia

Join us for a night of hilarity with Komedy Baby! Open Mic Stand-up Comedy night - exclusively in English. On January 25th, in Stacja Food Hall! Open Mic means that anyone who wants to get up on stage and has some jokes prepared, can sign up and test them in front of the live audience.

Doors open at 7PM. Come enjoy some drinks! The show starts at 8PM so please be comfortably seated by then, drinks in hand. Hosts by two Polish comedians and also improvisers: Małgorzata Różalska and Magdalena Drojman.