If we want to take a real lesson in Gdańsk flavours and history, we should immediately direct our steps to ul. Szeroka, to the ‘Pod Łososiem’ Restaurant. Operating since the sixteenth century, the restaurant is a flagship venue on the culinary map of Gdańsk. In 1598 Dutchman Ambrose Vermollen founded an alcohol manufactory here, which was called ‘Der Lachs’, i.e. Salmon (Łosoś). ‘Goldwasser’, spicy vodka with swirling flakes of 22-carat gold, was the most famous of all beverages produced here. Today, in addition to the flagship glass of Goldwasser, you can taste here a dish that has made this place unique for years, i.e. salmon with 24-carat gold in the lime sauce. The menu in this restaurant unveils traditional Polish cuisine at its best – butter-fried saffron milk caps, fish soup made of salmon, pike perch and crayfish tails or veal shank with potato dumplings (‘kopytka’) are just some of the proposals.

The interiors are full of antique furniture and accessories referring to the eighteenth century and the Rococo hall, which welcomes all restaurant guests, makes enormous impression. The restaurant boasts a galaxy of great people who have visited this venue, many of whom were presidents of Poland and heads of other states, including Pope John Paul II.

Salmon and zander fish soup, served with crawfish

Price 20 PLN

If the fish soup can be exquisite, this one definitely is. Carefully prepared, strong, concentrated, but at the same time delicate fish broth forms a base for the flavour. The sweetness of perfect julienne vegetables add the lightness to the soup. The flavour of the sea and the pond is enriched by the morsels of salmon and zander, and the addition of crawfish makes it a real delicacy that has been served on Gdańsk’s tables since Middle Ages. If you happen to be served the dish in a special plate with pink embellishments, you must know that the dinnerware was used by the Pope Saint John Paul II during his visit in Gdańsk.

Golden salmon baked in lobster sauce

Price 60 PLN

The name of the restaurant, which translates to „Under the salmon”, makes it compulsory for the salmon to be served with assiduousness. This dish shocks with its richness… and amazes with simple, but rich flavour. The fish is amazingly moist and firm, thanks to the spinach stuffed inside the big piece of Baltic salmon. The lobster sauce is delicate, sweet and salty, extremely exquisite. It does not cost and arm and a leg to try this delicacy and the price is really fair. The portion size will feed all the hungry guests.

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ul. Szeroka 52/54
58 301 76 52