Kubicki restaurant stands for hundred years of Gdańsk’s traditional taste. Under this name, in 1918, Roman Kubicki opened his restaurant in the Free City of Danzig. Up to this day, the dishes are prepared according to almost unchanged and perfectly polished recipes. The pork leg or the duck from Kubicki restaurant are famous all over the city. Numerous gourmets travel to Gdańsk only to try Kubicki’s food prepared entirely from local products. The duck in madera sauce, beef tounge, trout or salmon served here are said to be legendary.

The customers claim the sour rye soup with weisswurst to be unrivalled. Kubicki’s chef successfully connects the traditional taste of Gdańsk with the seasonal selection of flavours. Hence, depending on the season of the year, you can taste here young carrots soup or nettle soup with poached egg.

Traditional food – duck in mader sauce, beef tongue, trout, salmon

Price 14-16 PLN

Almost all Gdańsk meetings traditionally started with a shot of vodka and a meat jelly – tasty food and extremely cold, pure alcohol. Such a simple menu was the most sought-after among the port workers as well as town’s social scene. Kubicki, well-known for keeping the culinary identity of Gdańsk alive, cultivates this tradition to a paramount level. You definitely have to try the exquisite duck in madera sauce or the beef tongue. Even more delicate experiences are offered by the trout or the salmon in jelly.

Fried pork leg with braised cabbage and potatoes

Price 39 PLN

You can be suspicious about the pork leg being described as Taste of Gdańsk. But do you know any restaurant that still serves pork legs prepared with a hundred years old recipe? Such a restaurant can be found in Gdańsk. At Kubicki, the delicate, sweet flavour comes from the long process of cooking the dish with the veggies, selection of which stays secret. The pork leg is served with freshly grounded horseradish and braised cabbage and you definitely have to try this classic meal.

Duck in cranberry sauce and red cabbage

Price 54 PLN

The decorations and the atmosphere of the place will carry you back to the interwar Gdańsk and the afternoon live performances of a pianist playing old hits will spark some magic in the general experience of visiting the restaurant.

Contact details

ul. Wartka 5, Gdańsk
+48 58 301 00 50