Klasztorne Smaki [Monastic Flavours] is a cosy shop combined with a café, offering unusual and high quality culinary products. As the name implies, the majority of the products on offer here come directly from Polish monasteries where they are produced by monks in traditional methods, very often according to perennial recipes. Therefore, the shop offers such rarities at the Benedictine liqueur, Capuchin and Jerusalem balms as well as original blend of herbs whose scent greets visitors already in the doorway. You can also find healthy organic food from befriended farms and ranches, including delicious kinds of meat, cheese, milk and sourdough bread. Fans of local wines, e.g. made of chokeberry, elderberry and wild rose, will also be satisfied with the visit here.


Thanks to acquaintanceship with Theofanis Mitsoulas, you can also find Greek rarities in Klasztorne Smaki, including original feta cheese, olive oil from his family plantation, original halva as well as wines and liqueurs.

As, in addition to the shop, there is also a mini- café here, you can enjoy a cup of good coffee with a piece of home-made cake or try one of the colourful sandwiches while shopping here.

Contact details

ul. Świętego Ducha 37/39
+48 58 718-90-30