The UMAM Patisserie

UMAM is more than just a patisserie. It is an extraordinary place where you can notice at every step and in every detail a unique concept that was borne in the head of chef patissier Krzysztof Ilnicki. For several years this confectioner gathered experience, working e.g. in London restaurants awarded with Michelin stars.

However, in UMAM it is the original sweets prepared by Krzysztof that are considered real stars. Each of the sweet creations is considerably different; yet, they retain one common element – the combination of perfect craftmanship and highest quality ingredients. You will search in vain for products known from other patisseries. Instead, you will find unique sweets that will surprise you with their original extraordinary design and sophisticated combination of flavours.

Sea buckthorn pastry

Price 14 PLN

Krzysztof Ilnicki is one of the most famous cake makers extraordinaire. His workshop is located in the neighbourhood of revitalised area of Wrzeszcz’s garrison. If you’re not around, you can try the master’s creations in a pastry shop in Gdańsk’s Ołowianka. You definitely have to try the sea-buckthorn cake – Krzysztof Ilnicki created a dome of white chocolate that stashes the sea-buckthorn puree embellished with a blueberry mousse and crème chiboust.

UMAM perfectly understands and even sets the best trends, drawing upon the inspiration of Spanish and French confectioners. Palate-captivating and eye-pleasing sweets of UMAM are currently available in two trendy locations – in the Garrison in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz and at ul. Szafarnia over the marina.

Contact details

ul. Hemara 1
791 191 440

Umam Marina
ul. Szafarnia 11
58 710 29 17