Fresh milk and cream straight from the Pomeranian dairy make the natural ice cream of Gdańsk Natural Ice Cream Factory. Karolina, the owner of the ice cream parlour and healthy eating enthusiast, can talk about her ice cream for hours. She takes pride in the fact that her ice cream does not contain any preservatives, flavour enhancers or artificial colouring. In order to surprise the regulars and the tourists visiting the Długa Street, she works with confectioners to come up with new flavours every day. And everything is lip-smacking!

Gdańsk’s milk ice cream

Price 5 PLN / 70 g

Milk, cream, sugar, roasted almond slices and dark rum – those are the ingredients of one of the most interesting ice cream in Gdańsk, alluding to the long-forgotten dessert from the past. You have to try them here, as even though other ice cream parlours also serve them, the key to the specific taste lies in the quality and ratio of the ingredients. This is why, only at this place you will find a hidden silky aftertaste of ripe melon, together with more prominent almond and rum flavours of Gdańsk’s milk.

Stay for a bit longer in the cosy cafe on site and try the other delicious flavours offered by Gdansk Natural Ice Cream Factory.

Contact details

ul. Długa 70, Gdańsk
730 730 021