Revitalised Wajdeloty Street in Wrzeszcz comes back to life and every now and then invites you to visit it in search of new sensations. Coffee enthusiasts, vegans and all those who have a sweet tooth should not miss FUKAFE.

Fukafe is a café and patisserie with no products of animal origin. The local coffee, whose beans usually come from small independent roasters from around the world, is served with plant milk. Coffee brewed in alternative methods, e.g. chemex, drip and aeropress, is also on offer as an alternative to espresso-based coffee. The baristas will be happy to explain each of the methods and then prepare the coffee that will enchant you.  With your cup of coffee, you can also enjoy one of the many home-made cakes and desserts prepared on-site. Lunch dishes are also available.

Equally refined as coffee is the interior of Fukafe, divided into two parts. In the first, lighter one, a big wooden common table and a bar made of copper and wood draw guests’ attention. The characteristic elements of the other more intimate part of the venue are the boards on the wall that come from the demolition of Indian Village in Wrzeszcz as well as paintings and drawings by the artists of Wrzeszcz.

Contact details

ul. Wajdeloty 22
+48 537 169 321