The Browar PG4

The friendship of a brewer and a chef results in spectacular connections. Especially, when the brewer is the master of the trade – Johannes Herberg, who moved to Gdańsk from Germany, and the chef is Przemysław Fornela – one of the most recognised chefs of the Pomeranian region. Together they create the flavours of brewhouse restaurant in the spirit of the foodparing idea, where each dish is paired with a special home-brewed type of beer. The beer serves as an enrichment of many courses here. The PG4’s menu offers, for example, the beer soup, the dumplings with beer sauce and pork legs or ribs prepared in beer. You will find here also traditional desserts with a surprising beer twist – Beeramisu and Creme Beerlee.

Fisherman’s soup

Price 20 PLN

If you’re a real Kashubian, the fish soup is almost like a religious thing. Przemek Forneli’s grandad was the owner of the fish ponds in Kashubia and Granny Teresa cooked the soup from the fish caught there. She passed the recipe to her grandson, who became a famous chef and now you can try granny’s soup in PG 4. Carp, zander and salmon form a very strong, concentrated, but at the same time, fresh flavour. One of the most interesting fish soup to try.

Beer soup

Price 20 PLN

Homemade dumplings with baked duck meet and light beer sauce

Price 22 PLN

The dumplings have to be homemade. Even in a fancy restaurant. What it means, is that they are made by hand, based on orally passed recipes, according to the art of dumplings making, with just a pinch of the chef’s heart inside. The dough must be fine and resilient and the filling – juicy and moist. This is how it is done in the case of duck dumplings served at PG 4. Their beer sauce, additionally, makes them unforgettable.

The historical walls of the restaurant hide the beer vats, in which a variety of beer types are brewed, including pilsner, witbier, rauchbier or dry stout. The traditional beers of Gdańsk – danzinger bier and Jopenbier may become the greatest thing about PG4, as in the past they constituted Gdańsk’s most valuable exportable goods.

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ul. Podwale Grodzkie 4
+48 668 215 608