The Brovarnia

The Brovarnia Restaurant is located on the bank of the Motława River in the historic granary from the 17th century whose interior has been converted into a boutique Hotel Gdańsk and a microbrewery. This venue refers to the brewing traditions of Gdańsk. Beers are brewed on the basis of so-called ‘purity law’, i.e. from 4 ingredients- water, malt, hops and yeast.

The Brovarnia has a more relaxed and convivial character compared to an elegant restaurant located on the floor above it. Its menu mainly consists of dishes perfectly matching the beers on offer here.

Entering the Hotel Gdańsk restaurant, at the same time we move to a higher level of culinary art. Old Gdańsk dishes – the famous duck a’la Brovarnia and spicy Gdańsk fisherman’s soup – are a specialty here. The chef skilfully combines various flavours, using in his cuisine only regional, seasonal products of ecological origin.

Creamy kashotto / goose confit morsels / forest mushrooms / emmer wheat / quinoa

Price 38 PLN

If you’re looking for a change from fish dishes, come to Brovarnia and try Pomeranian goose confit. The goose is first cured in honey, salt, juniper, garlic and orange, and then cooked in its own fat for long hours. The slow cooking process makes the goose soft as butter. As such, it comes with hearty orzotto made from the mixture of barley, emmer, quinoa, rice and forest mushrooms. With his dish, the chef recommends wheat bear which is brewed in the restaurant.

Seasonal cod with asparagus – fresh Baltic cod, asparagus, citrus Hollandaise sauce, potato puree * asparagus or other seasonal veggies

Price 50 PLN

For the cod to be tasty, it has to be fresh. The same applies to all the sides, as the veggies taste best when in season. In Gdańsk, the freshest of the fresh is the Baltic cod. It is served at Brovarnia only when its meat is the most delicious and when it’s the season for cod fishing. Otherwise, it is replaced with the Atlantic cod. We advise you to try this dish in the summery variation, as white and green asparagus go extremely well with fish, and the citrus Hollandaise sauce adds up to the total flavour load.

Within the Tastes of Gdańsk we also recommend: Spicy Gdańsk Fisherman’s Soup

Price 25 PLN

The historic interior of the restaurant is decorated with an original structure of 400-year-old wooden  beams as well as photographs and drawings of the old granary and the Old Town of Gdańsk. Such interior gives the restaurant a unique and exceptional character.

Contact details

ul. Szafarnia 9
58 320 19 70