Chef – Grzegorz Labuda

A member of the Chefs’ Club Foundation and of the Chaine des Rotisseurs international club as well as an ambassador of Modern Polish Cuisine trend. An author and co-author of six culinary books. In the course of long-term work, he cooked, among others, for Gorge Bush during his visit in 2007, for the European leaders at the G6 summit in 2007, and for the finalists of the Miss World Competition in 2007. In 2007 and 2008 he received a nomination for the Culinary Oscar.

In the kitchen Chef Labuda is guided by a simple rule: dishes in the menu refer to regional flavours and are always prepared from the best ingredients in accordance with the seasonal calendar.

The Szafarnia 10 restaurant has been recognised, among others, in Poland 100 Best Restaurants contest in 2016.

Dumplings with calf thymus, in French pastry and crawfish sauce

Price 35 PLN

In the menu we will find exceptional creations of modern Polish cuisine, which include exquisite fresh fish, seafood (e.g. directly from the restaurant homarium), diverse meats (including refined game) and seasonal products from local farms.

Cod tartare with pickled cucumbers, fennel and sour cream

Price 29 PLN

White fish tartare? Sounds intriguing, especially when served by one of the outstanding figures of Polish culinary scene, Grzegosz Labuda. On the plate you will find a perfect roundel of chopped and seasoned cod, decorated with compressed cubes of pickled cucumbers and a sprig of fennel. The cod is perfect for a tartare, as its meat structure and firmness is very similar to beef tenderloin.

Black soup with giblets, cherries, potato dumplings and marjoram

Price 21 PLN

Szafarnia 10 is one of the places where you can eat a real, traditional Pomeranian black soup. Grzegorz Labuda serves it with cherries, heart and potato dumplings. The soups has an exquisite character of a black soup and is embellished with delicate giblets sunken inside. For the lovers of Polish traditional flavours, it is a rare feast, topped with an amazing view over Gdańsk’s seascape.

Can there be anything more wonderful than an author’s cuisine in the surrounding of beautiful views on the Motława River, Długie Pobrzeże (Long Waterfront) and Granary Island? If you also think that this sounds like a plan for a perfect meal, then this restaurant is the place for you!

Contact details

ul. Szafarnia 10
58 600 85 00 / 58 733 60 02