Chef – Paweł Stawicki

The Mercato name memorizes the trade route of Pomerania – via Mercatorum, which historically connected Gdańsk with Southern Poland.

Paweł Stawicki author’s menu in modern way combines local and seasonal products, with culinary trends from around the world.
The main flavors presented in the menu are inspired by traditional recipes, but introduced with modern vision of cooking, which uses the latest trends and techniques.

Restaurant refers to four symbols, which are: Broad Bean grain, planted by the Pomeranians in the Lusatian culture; noble Baltic Salmon, served on tables of Gdańsk noblemen decent and angled from Hel to Vistula Split by fishermen; “Fagas”, which was a large Pomeranian sheep bred on Żuławy by Mennonites and finally the Duck, used as a symbol of birds bred for centuries in Pomerania and eaten by Polish, Kashubian and as well as Prussian inhabitants of Pomerania.

Dumplings / curd cheese / spinach / dill

Price 49 PLN

Ruthenian dumplings in a fancy restaurant? Is it a faux-pas or some kind of culinary provocation? Don’t worry, you can rely on the culinary artistry of Mercato’s team. Their attempt at dumplings is far from being ordinary. A few neat dumplings, made of spinach dough are served with dill crisps. Their fresh green colour works extremely well with an elegant white table cloth. And how do they taste? Try them yourself and let us know!

„Drunk goat” / tomato tartare / radish / wheat

Price 29 PLN

The idea of „drunk goat” can be shocking at first, if you imagine it to be some kind of meaty dish prepared from a drunk goat, but it is a delectable goat cheese with stum, in which it matures for some time. The cheese itself comes from a well-known cheese-maker Paweł Stawicki and is served with tomato tartare. The sweet and sour flavours of tomatoes accompany the tastes of wine and the fatty goat cheese very well.

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turbot / spinach puree / courgette / asparagus

Price 95 PLN

In 2016, Mercato was awarded three toques and 15 points in the international restaurant guide Gault&Millau, thus being named in this prestigious guide as one of the 10 best restaurants in Poland. In 2017 Mercato Restaurant received the title of Awards of Excellence Wine Spectator magazine.

Contact details

Restauracja Mercato
ul. Targ Rybny 1
80-838 Gdańsk
T: +48 58 77 87 442