Basia Ritz

Basia Ritz, the first Polish Masterchef, is the head of her author’s cuisine. Her dishes are pure finesse, which is the result of extraordinary skills of composing the flavour, texture and form of service.

Basia empasises that she owes access to the cuisines of the world and the possibility to draw from the culinary tradition to her family.

She is an author of culinary books, blogger, a regular guest on TV programmes, but above all the hostess of the feast that she each time prepares for her guests in the Ritz Restaurant.

The Ritz is primarily a place of good sensations. Open space of the venue, subdued sounds of music, natural light and a view of historic Gdańsk create an atmosphere of aesthetic respise.

Baked beetroot flakes torte with goat cheese cream

Price 29 PLN

The first Polish Masterchef, Basia Ritz, is famous far wider than the city of Gdańsk, so quite a number of people would enjoy trying her starter. Flakes of crispy beetroot are joined with layers of creamy goat cheese. What a cheese! It is made by one of the most famous cheese-makers in the Pomeranian region. The starter is very light and feminine – and like a woman, it surprises you with a little bit of something sweet and something spicy. The dish is served with rosé reduction and white balsamic vinegar.

Synchronised cooperation of the staff guarantees professional service, which, at every step, surprises with its solicitude with respect to details.

The menu is short and changes even on a daily basis, creating opportunities for regular guests to try seasonal and local delicacies in different versions. A remarkable character and originality of both flavours and its service distinguish the dishes prepared by the chef and all the creations are prepared on an ongoing basis.

Contact details

ul. Szafarnia 6
58 74 201 74