Chef – Paweł Wątor

Co-founder of company dedicated to molecular bar and cuisine; co-owner and co-creator of the Eliksir; former deputy chef in Caprice Holdings, London, former deputy chef at the Hilton Hotel, Gdańsk and former deputy chef at Wojciech Modest Amaro’s Amber Room. A nutritionist by education, expert in molecular cuisine and a co-author of culinary books.


The Eliksir is a combination of a cocktail bar and a restaurant. Upon entering, our eyes are at once drawn to the 15-metre bar constituting the heart of the venue. Foodpairing, i.e. the ability to combine the flavours of dishes and drinks, is the keynote here. As a result, each creation prepared by the chef is assigned to a unique cocktail to intensify the taste sensations.

Polish beef tartare / Starogdańskie beer ice cream / ductile egg yolk / bread with brown butter

Price 120 gr – 31 PLN, 180 gr – 45 PLN

Do you want to try a traditional tartare with a hint of surprise? Come to visit Eliksir restaurant, where chef Paweł Wątor serve it with Starogdańskie beer ice cream, shallot and  dried egg yolk. If you’re still not convinced, you must know that this dish is very mysterious and not easy to find as it is hidden among cocktails. Eliksir restaurant is famous for them. The most secret one is the Polish Penicillin based on Elyx Absolut with honey, ginger, lemon and the egg white. Even when you’re not fighting cold right now it is good to try it.

The chef defines his cuisine as modernist and based on the most intriguing flavours from different parts of Europe and the world, always based on author’s recipes and created with the finest ingredients. Bold combinations of this cuisine with amazing drinks by Grzegorz Nowicki surprise guests during their visits here.

Contact details

ul. Hemara 1 (Garnizon)
+48 570 191 910