The Żabusia

Żabusia is a family restaurant started in 1976 – now it is run by a third generation of the owners! The menu here connects the culinary heritage with modernity, rediscovering forgotten ingredients. The menu does not lack the traditional culinary tastes of Gdańsk, prepared with natural products, deriving from Kashubia.

Calf thymus served with home-made bread and deer leg in pickled grapevines leaves are said to be the chef’s specials. The desserts in Żabusia are unwonted combinations of flavours, e.g. matured gingerbread with plums served with sea-buckthorn ice cream.

Calf thymus, rye bread with porcino, mushroom sauce

Price 23 PLN

If you love foie gras, this Żabusia’s starter is for you. Tender, slightly buttery thymus was cooked sous-vide and later fried on butter, which resulted in a velvety texture and rich flavour that has quite a lot in common with the French delicacy. Homemade rye bread with porcino mushrooms forms a great background for the creamy mushroom sauce and thymus.

Deer in pickled grapevines leaves, bulghur, Swedish turnip and beetroot salad, dogwood sauce

Price 45 PLN

Even if you’re not an enthusiast of game, you should try Żabusia’s deer. The pickled grapevines leaves make the saddle meat firm and juicy. The dogwood sauce turns out to be a success as it brings out the exquisite flavour of the dish. The tasty side of Swedish turnip and beetroot salad is a nice addition to the flavour, especially as the  turnip is considered to be a core ingredient of Kashubian cuisine. Of course, the deer comes from the Kashubian forests.

Sea-buckthorn ice cream, matured gingerbread with plums

Price 15 PLN

Żabusia is a very family-friendly place too – children can play in a special area, as well as outside on the playground. The restaurant is also equipped with a changing table and high-chairs.

Contact details

ul. Gospody 7
+48 58 556 23 14