The Winne Grono Restaurant

The Winne Grono Restaurant

The Winne Grono is a family restaurant which, thanks to its location, provides guests with peace and tranquility. It is located just one kilometre from the Main Railway Station in Gdańsk, in old Aniołki district. The summer terrace with views of the green forest hill encourages us to sit here for a little longer.

The menu is based on local ingredients, prepared in the French style. Intriguing combinations of Polish dishes and French culinary techniques guarantee superb taste. It is the flavour that is the hallmark and the greatest asset of the cuisine at the Winne Grono. Kashubian chicken fricassee and zander fillet served with pumpkin dumplings are flagships of the restaurant. You should also try the unique appetizer made of salted herring, recreated from the 100-year-old family recipe.

Grandmother Marianna’s herring paste

Price 15 PLN

At Winne Grono you have a chance to travel in time. Try their outstanding herring paste! Its recipe goes back to the times of the Free City of Danzig. Arkadiusz Onasz, the restaurant owner, will tell you its story. It is made according to his great grandmother’s recipe with minced herring, onions, eggs and butter. The hell with the recipe, it is the end result that counts! And have a glass of wine with it, the owner brings it from France himself!

Zander fillet, Kashubian pumpkin dumplings, mushroom duxelles, marinated pear mousse, dill sauce

Price 42 PLN

This dish combines the elements, which altogether show you what’s best at Winne Grono Restaurant. Firstly, perfectly done zander fillet presents the chef’s amazing craftsmanship. Moreover, intensive and strong mousse from a marinated pear and very fine duxelles show the owner’s love for French cuisine. Finally, the pumpkin dumplings with a delicate dill sauce reflect wonderfully the home-like atmosphere of the place.

Kashubian ferkase – Sous-vide kikok chicken breast, rice with brunoise veggies, leek

Price 31 PLN

Family atmosphere, perfect quality of the proposed dishes and a wide range of French wines at reasonable prices fully compensate for those few minutes devoted to commute here from the city centre.

Contact details

ul. M. Kopernika 17
602 218 817