Papieroovka restaurant, located in the heart of the city, will keep all food enthusiasts spellbound with the fusion of traditional regional cuisine with an original twist. The name Papieroovka relates to the White Transparent variety of apples and the orchards located here in the past. The design of the interior as well as the menu is enriched with numerous fruity elements.

All the dishes at Papieroovka are prepared with the highest quality ingredients. Regional and seasonal products prevail in the menu, but regardless of the season of the year, you can expect to taste fresh fish, game, beef and well-seasoned soups as well as exciting desserts. Marinated herring, creamy crawfish soup and duck breast are chef’s specials.

Crawfish soup with the Polish sausage dust

Price 19 PLN

In the past, the Kashubian region was in plentiful supply of crawfish and people prepared the crawfish soup for both everyday (on soup greens) and for celebration (on broth). Today the crawfish is not so easily found and the dishes prepared with this meat are real delicacies, as it is at Papieroovka. Delicate, creamy and intense – those three words precisely describe their crawfish soup. The taste is elevated by the smoked sausage dust and the whole dish makes an unforgettable experience.

Herring fillet marinated in beetroot juice, served with apples, beetroots, horseradish and Polish sausage dust

Price 19 PLN

Fillet of duck breast with red wine, pearl barley, red cabbage and apple

Price 39 PLN

A modern take on tradition – this matches perfectly the duck you can try at Papieroovka. The meat cooked to perfection is served with firm pearl barley and slightly acidic red cabbage puree. The fragrant red wine sauce and seasonal veggie and fruit sides look beautiful in the picture and taste even better!

In addition to great location and delicious food, Papieroovka has a very tasteful, spacious and modern interior.

Contact details

ul. Łąkowa 60

+48 58 382 30 21