They call themselves hooligans in the kitchen and gentlemen at the table. What is more, it is, supposedly, “the worst vege place in the city”. Their kitchen breaks conventions, joining the classic taste with a pinch of modern madness. Feisty, uncompromising and experimental.

Niepokorni’s menu is simple, clear and full of meaty morsels served in numerous varieties. Niepokorni do not fear the giblets or fatty meat, cause they leave conventions and glitz to all the others. Their chef – the cooking butcher connecting the innovation and a dash of history, together with his gang came up with the recipe for the best meat restaurant in town.

Hanger steak tartare, pickled cucumber, shallot, yolk, caper crisps, anchois mayonnaise, Bure Misie’s Kashubian cheese crisps, pork fat from Mangalica

Price 27 PLN

Hanger steak is the meat cut out from beef diaphragm and is praised for its tenderness and specific taste. It is often called a butcher’s steak, because it is such a rarity that butchers used to leave it for themselves. Hanger steak tartare at Niepokorni is not only full of flavour, but also charms you with all the salty sides – caper crisps, chips made from Kashubian cheese or pork fat from Mangalica. Together with the rye bread, the whole dish forms an unforgettable starter.

Beef heart, rye bread crumble, caper salad, anchois mayonnaise, porto reduction

Price 18 PLN

Beef ribs in onions caramelised with coffee, served with potato puree, young carrots and demi-glace

Price 43 PLN

At Niepokorni, every meaty morsel amazes you. Here, we talk about a really solid dish, so the amazement goes through the roof! The beef ribs served here, with a subtle hints of coffee and onions, are deliciously moist. What is more, intensely flavourful demi-glace works well with silky puree and, even though, at first sight, it seems to be a very masculine dish, because of its tenderness and finesse, it can definitely be enjoyed by the gentle sex as well.

You don’t have to wear a tux or heels to come and enjoy Niepokorni’s delicious food. Great cuisine served in a casual atmosphere – as simple as that!

Contact details

ul. Chmielna 72/5, Gdańsk
+48 731 842 842