Nowadays, cooking calls for freshness. Magiel restaurant takes care of it well, as they use the products from local suppliers to prepare well-seasoned, fresh and natural dishes. The chef Przemysław Langowski – the winner of numerous chefs’ competitions working in best restaurants of Pomerania and Warmia regions, leads the young and devoted team of chefs.

The most attractive part of Magiel restaurant is the live cooking – thanks to that customers can see the process of preparation of their dishes.

Cod tenderloin with fresh herb crust, green veggies and saffron sauce

Price 45 PLN

Sitting in the glass garden of Magiel restaurant located on the banks of Motława river you can only think of spring, summer and nature. This connotations match perfectly the cod served here, accompanied with green veggies – asparagus, spinach and snap peas. The saffron sauce and the fresh herb crust joined with a delicate cod tenderloin form a delicious masterpiece of Gdańsk’s cuisine!

The history of this place starts in the 19th century, when in times of the Prussian Partition the garrison cleaner’s opened on Toruńska Street. With all its mangles, it served the people in the city, as well as the military detachments stationed here. After over a hundred years the place has been woken up – this time the beautiful space is full of delicious flavours and aromas.

Contact details

ul. Toruńska 12
+48 58 351 90 52