Simple and to the point. That’s how this fish bistro can be described. Highest quality Baltic fish prepared with simple and polished recipes. The taste will feed the appetite of all the foodies and the portion size can be a little challenging even for those always hungry. In addition to fried fish, at Rybka you can also try flavourful marinated fish, but their herring and salmon sandwiches are said to be a hit. What is more, customers can choose a different dish every day from a special daily menu. The interior design reminds you of the Nordic taverns – it’s simple, but really tasteful.

Fish soup

Price 16 PLN

In the fish and chips shop you usually order a herring, plaice or cod, but what shows best the greatness of any fish place is the delicious fish soup! At Rybka na Wartkiej you can try a real delicacy of the kind – spicy, strong fish broth with abundance of juicy fishy morsels. For those cutting on calories, the soup will make a whole dish and for the rest – it will wake up their tastebuds for some more fried sea creatures.

Spicy herring

Price 12 PLN

Rybka na Wartkiej does not pose to be something they are not – and they are simple, but modern place for fishy snacks. The broad range of small jars exposed in a glass display hide one, particularly delicious spicy herring that you have to try. Eaten right away will constitute a great start for a casual lunch on the banks of Motława, but if you take it home, it will be a great souvenir from your journey.

Contact details

ul. Wartka 5
58 526 27 43