On the very bank of the Motława River, in the vicinity of the famous Gdańsk Crane, the Baryłka Restaurant is situated in the reconstructed post-war tenement house, welcoming its guests for over 20 years now. The garden itself encourages to enter and taste the dishes offered here. The interior, however, conceals a lot more. The ground floor is a modern cosy restaurant room. However,  the two subsequent floors unveil elegant as well as homely lounges. Original paintings, stylish lamps, carpeting and soft chairs and armchairs padded with material invite guests to linger a little while longer in the restaurant.  This venue is also perfect for business meetings or family celebrations. On the top floor there is an exit to the terrace, which offers unique views of the harbour, the Motława River and Gdańsk Crane.

The cuisine in the Baryłka is based on fresh – depending on the season- fish and meats. We will find here such classics of the local cuisine as duck in the Gdańsk style roasted in honey liqueur, the grilled Baltic salmon  or trout stuffed with crayfish tails. And for the dessert – fried ice cream!

Salmon baked with a herbal butter, served with a side of tomato salad and baked rosemary potatoes

Price 48 PLN

It’s difficult to find such a perfect salmon anywhere else in Gdańsk. They serve it the traditional way – a neat piece of fish is served with some butter and a piece of lemon. The plate is filled with fragrant potatoes baked with rosemary and a tomato salad. The fish is as delicate as muslin and breaks apart with even the lightest touch of the fork, to later become intensely mellow in your mouth when joined with the creamy sauce. Take the delight in this dish by eating it on a terrace with a view over Motława river, with a glass of chardonnay to complete the experience.

Baltic cod in a buttery sauce, with boiled potatoes and green beans

Price 38 PLN

If Gdańsk, then fish. If Baryłka, then classic tastes – nothing surprising that we find here a traditional fried cod in a buttery sauce. The serving includes the perfectly done, thick piece of cod, crispy on the outside and deliciously moist on the inside. What is more, boiled potatoes are joined with a large portion of gracefully served green beans. The sweetness of the buttery sauce is contrasted with a hint of shallot and a glass of sauvignon blanc, that we strongly advise you to order to this meal.

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