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Numerous cities boast a range of cultural events, monuments and museums, but few of them are distinguished by unique culinary identity. In this respect, Gdańsk draws on tradition to the full.

The guide of ‘Flavours of Gdańsk’ is an anthology of carefully selected dishes and restaurants that will enable to familiarise with the culinary traditions, specificity and richness of Gdańsk. We provide advice on places that will not only satisfy the appetite, but also stimulate the curiosity of traditional dishes to be found nowhere else!

We recommend starting the discovery of the city flavours with specially prepared Gdańsk Dishes, created by selected chefs on the basis of local recipes. They represent their personal view on what is the characteristic taste of Gdańsk.

We travel in search of excitement, collecting exceptional impressions that enhance the colour of the place, its distinct character. We trust that the local cuisine will both delight you with its unique taste and aroma and enrich the memories from Gdańsk.

Enjoy your meal!

Project coordinator: Irena Stępień – Pierożyńska

Contact us: smakigdanska@gdansk.gda.pl

The aim of this website is to promote the gastronomic and touristic values of Gdańsk.
The publisher does not intend to encourage the purchase of alcoholic beverages.