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Gdańsk offers a wealth of international cooking with a long-standing tradition and first-rate sen/ice. Above all, there is a huge variety of cuisines, dishes and places where you can eat. You will find sophisticated cuisine from all the countries of Europe, exotic tastes from the Middle East and Asia and very original old Gdańsk cuisine* Everyone, even the most demanding gourmand, will find something to satisfy his palate and wallet. And if you are a vegetarian there are entirely vegetarian bars or restaurants which offer vegetarian courses next to the meat courses.

znaleziono 67 obiekty
Starowiejska 40B Gdynia
535 207 067
This atmospheric two-storey bar is the prominent symbol of the brewer which can be found among the top 100 brewers in the world, according to Rate Beer Best.
Plac Solidarności 1 80-863 Gdańsk
695 809 099
Two restaurants, a café and a lunch bar in the most iconic places of Gdańsk - the European Solidarity Center and Amber Expo.
Targ Rybny 10 80-838 Gdańsk
511 597 050
The restaurant’s menu is based on seasonal products such that our dishes always remain tempting, with exceptional flavours.
Folwarczna 2 81-547 Gdynia
691 980 478
White Rabbit is a restaurant located in Quadrille in Gdynia – a luxurious five-star hotel with “Alice in Wonderland” motif.
Warszawska 96 80-180 Gdańsk
58 303 63 23, 510 320 392
A unique place with exquisite cuisine
Szafarnia 9 80-755 Gdańsk
58 320 19 70
Hotel Gdansk Restaurant is an unusual restaurant in a unique place.
Piwna 80-831 Gdańsk
58 682 25 25
You can start your day with an excellent breakfast or lunch here, but Mon Balzac' s main offering is the exquisite cuisine that is available until late in the night.
Kilińskiego 6 81-386 Gdynia
58 625 74 44
Have a cup of angelic coffee or celestial tea for that piece of heaven only found at our café, while also enjoying the unique interior design.
Tokarska 80-888 Gdańsk
58 329 87 25
Cała Naprzód restaurant is situated on the 4th floor of the Maritime Culture Centre in the centre of Gdańsk old town. The restaurant’s large hall can accommodate 100 people and features a glass wall offering a beautiful view out onto the Motława river and the “SOŁDEK” ship museum.
Chmielna 3 80-748 Gdańsk
535 566 535
Chleb i wino is more than only apartments. It also features a restaurant in the same house at Stagiewna Street.
Świętojańska 81-372 Gdynia
+48 58 623 34 69
Chwila and Moment are located on two storeys of Gdynia’s InfoBox building. They represent a new idea in catering, with the main message being, “Slow down; rest just for a moment and enjoy what we have prepared for you”.
Władysława IV 81-384 Gdynia
58 719 01 04
As one of our many guests, Giuseppe, puts it: “Real Italian cuisine – fresh and delicious!”
Bohaterów Monte Cassino Sopot
+48 512 824 500
Crudo means raw in Spanish. The name is reflected in the restaurant’s interior design – informal, with a characteristic smartness. Concrete walls, wood and metal contribute to the special atmosphere of Crudo, which is located in the heart of Monte Cassino. The name also reflects the simplicity of the dishes.
Stagiewna 26 80-750 Gdańsk
58 563 50 40
In the Dancing Anchor restaurant located at 26 Stągiewna Street, a nurturing combination of atmosphere, design and music has been created. Honest, original cuisine is combined with excellent drinks and a unique selection of wines.
Długi Targ 80-830 Gdańsk
This is the perfect place for a business meeting, a catch-up with friends, a dinner for two or a family lunch.
Mariana Hemara 1 80-280 Gdańsk
+48 570 191 910
Eliksir is a cocktail bar and an elegant restaurant all in one. It also has a separate event space.
Generała Józefa Wybickiego 81-842 Sopot
501 868 166
Original cuisine and boutique rooms inside a historic wooden house in the grounds of the Athletics Stadium in Sopot.
Długi Targ 35/38 35 80-830 Gdańsk
58 535 77 04 rezerwacje grupowe 668360499 lub 668 360 485
The perfect place for music lovers and those looking for an unforgettable experience.
Heweliusza 24 80-261 Gdańsk
+48 583006700
Ibis Gdańsk Stare Miasto The Ibis Kitchen hotel and restaurant is located in the vicinity of the monuments of Gdańsk, where you can feel the history of the Millennium City at every step.
Olejarna 80-843 Gdańsk
+ 48 531 711 207
Bunkier offers 5 storeys of culture and entertainment, 2 bars, 2 concert and party rooms, a gallery where you can buy the works being exhibited, and a pub. While you're having a philosophical discussion with your friends to feed your minds, we provide delicious meals to keep your body going.
Wartka 5 80-841 Gdańsk
58 301 00 50
The oldest restaurant in Gdańsk. Between world wars it was called Kubicki Café International, and was a night club and one of the most popular places in Gdańsk.
Szeroka 86 80-835 Gdańsk
58 573 34 44
La Cucina means both “cuisine” and “kitchen” in Italian. In our restaurant you can find what’s best in Italian cuisine.
Stara Stocznia 4/3 80-862 Gdańsk
+48 731 515 159
We would like to invite you to the first tapas bar in Gdansk. We offer real Spanish flavours. You can try authentic chorizo, Manchego cheese and wines from the hole Spain
Partyzantów 8 80-254 Gdańsk
536 803 889
Maverick - Browar Rockmills' patronate gastropub. 16 taps with craft beer, exquisite cuisine, heavily inspired by beer, live music&live sports on 4 screens.
Jana Heweliusza 15 80-890 Gdańsk
58 321 77 77
This Japanese sushi restaurant has been open for 8 years. Its owner and sushi chef is the sole holder of a sushi certificate in Gdańsk – the only document recognised by the Japanese government.
Wały Piastowskie 80-854 Gdańsk
602 510 516
We're the only place where you can eat dinner while enjoying the unforgettable panorama of Gdańsk.
Konstytucji 3 Maja 81-704 Sopot
+48 58 55 55 845
This restaurant, located within Rezydent Hotel, is pure elegance, and offers evenings of sophisticated culinary works of art.
Tandeta 80-835 Gdańsk
+48 58 573 34 11
If you’re planning a pleasant evening with your family or friends, you can choose a board of the most popular Spanish tapas, and if you prefer meat or seafood, our menu has excellent steak and Galician-style octopus, too.
Elżbietańska 4/8 80-894 Gdańsk
58 300 00 00
When we were little kids, we were eager and loving fans of the pierogi prepared by our grandmothers. Ever since then, we’ve known that this traditional Polish dish is somehow special and that you can never get enough of it.
Długi Targ 44 80-980 Gdańsk
789 444 650
Orzechowa 1 80-175 Gdańsk
500 420 003
Plaża Piekarza is a modern bistro of the bakery and confectionery Mój Piekarz Michael
Folkmann in Gdańsk / Jasień. On the spot you can find an interesting menu in the form of
breakfasts, dinners and cakes.
58 765 08 97
The pub’s heart lies in 20 beer taps and 2 beer pumps which, except for the beer from Browar Spółdzielczy, pour beer craft from Poland and abroad. Additionally, the beer menu consists of the world’s best imported beers. In Browar Spółdzielczy we also serve drinks, shots and soft drinks.
Garbary 6/7 80-827 Gdańsk
58 301 92 82
Inspired by the truly underground potential of the potato, we have created the Pyra Bar. This is the only place where dishes consisting of ‘pyry’, or potatoes, are served with so much panache.
Długi Targ 14-16 80-828 Gdańsk
48 58 717 87 00
We serve Polish cuisine and more – our menu also includes Italian and French elements.
Wały Piastowskie 24 80-855 Gdańsk
58 308 44 10
All the dishes at our restaurant are prepared daily from fresh ingredients, paying great attention to maintaining the highest levels of quality and the satisfaction of guests.
Emilii Plater 1 81-777 Sopot
+48 58 555 28 01
We are located right next to the beach and the fishing wharf in Sopot. We serve delicious buffet-style breakfasts from 7 am to 11 am on weekdays, and from 8 am to 11 am at the weekend.
Powstańców Warszawy 10 81-718 Sopot
Café Polskie Smaki Restaurant is a place for anyone who values fresh, seasonal, high quality products and simple but unique specialities from Polish and Kashubian cuisine. Traditional recipes, combined with the modern interpretation of the executive chef Krystian Szidel, guarantee a true culinary feast. Our culinary offer includes, among others, the Kashubian Sunday Lunch—the quintessence of home-cooked dinner, with a view of the Sopot Pier.
Targ Rybny 11 80-838 Gdańsk
513 180 450
A traditional Japanese restaurant bringing together a cosmopolitan clientele around a sushi "floating bar". Exotic fish and aromatic ramen in a modern interior with a view of the Motława River.
Ołowianka 80-751 Gdańsk
+48 58 323 83 58
This is an exceptional place on the culinary map of Gdańsk, serving international cuisine of the highest quality.
Św. Ducha 16/24 80-834 Gdańsk
+48 58 305 76 71
If you want to experience the city’s atmosphere and spend your time pleasantly, go to Gdańska Restaurant. The location alone indicates its class.
+48 58 772 73 03
Grand Cru Restaurant is in the charming underground of our hotel. Here, the exquisite dishes and unique selection of wines will be a league of its own. We have created a special place, ideal for romantic dinner, business meeting or family party, even for 100 people.
Kartuska 482 80-298 Gdańsk
Tel. +48 58 521 71 92
If you want to experience the atmosphere of sunny Greece and to try specialities of Mediterranean cuisine, come to Lukullus in Gdańsk.
795 889 288
A new restaurant in a beautiful place with a view of St. Mary’s Church serves modern versions of traditional Polish dishes. The quality, freshness and an exceptional flavour of the dishes is what distinguishes us from the others.
Długi Targ 11 80-958 Gdańsk
+48 58 301 27 35
Situated in the centre of Gdańsk, just 50 m from Neptune's Fountain, the restaurant offers caviar blini, pelmeni, salty bacon, sturgeon shashlyk and many other dishes.
Targ Rybny 11 80-838 Gdańsk
797 334 000
A Thai-Lao restaurant in the heart of Gdansk with a view of the Motława River. Lao Thai Restaurant has received an award of quality and authenticity from the Royal Thai Government.
Toruńska 12 80-747 Gdańsk
+48 583519052
Discover the unique flavors of the restaurant, a place full of aromas. Magiel is two levels: a lively ground floor with a centrally located kitchen and an intimate floor.
Jana Uphagena 80-237 Gdańsk
602 722 602
Majolika is created by lovers of good food. The motto accompanying them on a daily basis is "Colors of Polish Cuisine", which reflects the philosophy of the place. The restaurant is using regional suppliers. The Chef included in the menu such local delicacies as farmstead cheeses, Kociewie brandy or Kashubian escargots. Their specialties are game and fish.
58 77 87 442
The Mercato name memorizes the trade route of Pomerania – via Mercatorum, which historically connected Gdańsk with Southern Poland. Menu in modern way combines local and seasonal products, with culinary trends from around the world. The main flavors presented in the menu are inspired by traditional recipes, but introduced with modern vision of cooking, which uses the latest trends and techniques.
Targ Sienny 5 80-806 Gdańsk
539 113 344
The Monastico Restaurant is a unique, new place on the gastronomic map of Gdańsk. A place with a beautiful view of the Old Town, close to Forum Gdańsk.
Stągiewna 13 80-750 Gdańsk
+48 790 888 057
Nana's Restaurant is a place with a soul where everyone wants guests to feel like a member of one big family. Nana's is more than just delicious food, it's delicious drinks, professional service and taking care of even the smallest detail at every stage of guest service.
Długie Pobrzeże 80-888 Gdańsk
58 305 11 12
We invite you to Pod Banderą Restaurant, on the Motława river
S. Batorego 28 B 80-251 Gdańsk
58 341 67 85
If you are looking for somewhere stylish, where customers with even the most sophisticated of palates are enchanted by the aromas and flavours, we invite you to visit our restaurant.
Mikołaja Kopernika 17a 80-280 Gdańsk
602 218 817
Winne Grono is a restaurant and wine bar. It serves a wide selection of Aquitaine wines and offers very competitive prices.
Św. Ducha 2 80-834 Gdańsk
58 305 22 55
Ala carte Restaurant Zeppelin is a well-known and appreciated place on the Gdansk’s map of culinary experiences. The Zeppelin Restaurant menu is an exquisite Polish cuisine, enriched with dishes typical for international cuisine. In Restaurant’s daily offer there is a varied breakfast buffet.
Tkacka 27/28 Gdańsk
502 437 111
A taste of Italy in Gdańsk! The key thing here is the freshness of the dishes. Apart from the lasagne con ragu, which needs time in the oven, all dishes are prepared right before they are served.
Chmielna 10 80-748 Gdańsk
+48 732 340 600
Sassy and Roof Top by Sassy are two complementary spaces which elude a clear-cut classification. A luxurious venue full of art and design, a modern visual sphere and selected music, with music performances and cyclical events. A three-story building with a glazed panorama terrace on the top. The Roof Top functions as a café and a cocktail bar with an interesting snack menu. Open from Wednesday through Sunday from 1 PM
Toruńska 80-747 Gdańsk
504 84 64 47
Out of a love for both skiing and coffee, we have opened the first branch of Fischer Ski Cup of Coffee. You can find us in Gdańsk, at no. 18 d/f, ul. Toruńska.
Chmielna 10 80-748 Gdańsk
+48 732 340 603
Słony Spichlerz (“The Salty Garner”) – Restaurant Market, as the first place in Tricity (Trójmiasto), hosts numerous restaurateurs under its roof who at attractive prices offer high-quality meals and their own cuisine. The main idea of Słony Spichlerz has been to create the culinary heart for the local community and tourists who want to enjoy the numerous tastes of Gdańsk.
Władysława Jagiełły 3 81-757 Sopot
508 785 288
A friendly bistro in a beautiful, historic building located in the very centre of the city, yet away from the overwhelming crowds of tourists.
Szafarnia 10 80-755 Gdańsk
58 600 85 00
Szafarnia 10 is both the name and the address of a restaurant which combines all the best features of restaurants typical of Europe’s most beautiful ports.
Słowackiego 19 80-257 Gdańsk
531 243 685
Sztuka Wyboru (Art of Choosing) is a multidimensional Gdańsk-based concept. It merges creators' passions order to satisfy the most demanding whims – being both a spacious coffee house and a bookshop, an art gallery and a store offering Polish design and indie fashion.
Powroźnicza 19/20 Gdańsk
58 301 41 14
The Tawerna Restaurant is situated in the center of the Old Town in Gdańsk(on Motlava River).It is a traditional meeting place of sailors,merchants and politicians.Our restaurant specializes in fish dishes and game.
58 301 65 75
Tawerna Dominikańska - the Best Fish Restaurant in Gdańsk.
Skwer Kościuszki 81-370 Gdynia
58 620 79 25
Early this year, this restaurant celebrated its 8th birthday. During this time, it has established itself in the market as not only a very good restaurant, but also as a meeting place for business people Tricity artists alike, as well as guests from all over Poland.
Targ Sienny 5 80-806 Gdańsk
539 113 344
Vine & Pizza is a new place on the gastronomic map of Gdańsk. The restaurant is located next to Forum Gdańsk, in the basement of the Monastico object.
Chmielna 10 80-748 Gdańsk
+48 579 735 225
Discover Woosabi - an urban oasis in the heart of Gdansk. Asian fusion cuisine with burgers in steamed BAO BUNS, delicious BOWLS and in the evening drinks full of exotic flavours.
Tokarska 6 80-888 Gdańsk
661 511 811
Since we are crazy about the maritime history of Gdańsk and inspired by the closeness of the sea, we wanted to create a place that serves fresh fish in all seasons: not just fish caught in the Baltic Sea, not the same fish all year round, and not just fried fish.