Westerplatte Tourist Trail

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 11 kwietnia 2017 r.

The area and buildings of a former Army Transit Storeroom according to the Resolution of the President of Poland from 22 Aug 2003 was acknowledged as a monument of history: 'The Battlefield on Westerplatte'. The aim of the monument of history protection is preservation of unique historical values, territory material and immaterial values, which symbolize heroism and bravery of Polish soldiers during the Second World War - the biggest war of the 20th century (Dz U. Nr 148 poz. 1448).
Among many famous battlefields of the Second World War on Polish territory only Westerplatte retained its original name. Even communists, who are not known to be sentimental and care about pre-war history, didn't dare to polonize it and at the same time destroy a symbol of bravery, which the peninsula's defence was from the very beginning. However, they did a lot to falsify a picture of events and to irreversibly destroy the ground of historical battle.
For all, who want to cultivate tradition and honest patriotism (not just to show off), Westerplatte isn't an ordinary battlefield. It is a symbol of bravery, honour, responsibility and heroism as well as pain, suffering and doubts, and also a symbol of standing guard. Therefore, extremely important is showing a sense of this effort to a young generation to ensure that memory about a great achievement of Westerplatte defenders will never disappear.
Many publications about both Westerplatte defence in September 1939 and other aspects tightly connected to it have been released. This publication isn't another trial to answer the questions we have in mind. Its aim is to present basic facts in the most possibly intelligible form.

'Westerplatte' Tourist Trail starts near a passenger marina by Westerplatte Defenders Pier and ends at the foot of the Monument of the Defenders of the Coast but you can also begin sightseeing from any building. Sightseeing time of the whole trail is about 2 hours.


Sightseeing direction:

  1. Passenger ships marina.
  2. The shelter and observation tower.
  3. 'Fort' outpost.
  4. Tank T-34
  5. Cemetery of the Defenders- on the spot of non-existing Guardhouse No. 5.
  6. Guardhouse No. 1
  7. Ruins of New Barracks
  8. Remains of 'Non-commissioned officers' villa' - Guardhouse No. 3.
  9. A square in front the mould by candles.
  10. The mould - The Monument of the Defenders of the Coast

 Websites devoted to Westerplatte subject:

Study: Jarosław Żurawiński
Photos: Jarosław Żurawiński, Gabriela Schlahs, Kosycarz Foto Press KFP